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From facing incarceration to passing major legislation across the nation as the founder and executive director of Operation Restoration, these are the words that have defined my life. As a U.S. Senator, I will continue fighting for the people of Louisiana, helping everyday Louisianians make their lives and their children’s lives better.

"Syrita is recognized nationally for her work on... removing barriers for women and girls impacted by incarceration while transitioning back into the community.”

Women we Admire, Top 50 Women Leaders of Louisiana

Syrita's 5 points

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Syrita believes that by focusing on these 5 points, Louisiana can take center stage in America’s economic, political, and technological development. Together, we can lead America into a future where all people – white or black, rich or poor – have the economic opportunity to pursue high-paying jobs now and 50 years from now; where all people have a real voice at the policymaking table at home and in Washington; and where all people understand that Louisiana is strong, resilient, and deserving of respect.


Born and raised in rural Louisiana, I know the critical role modern infrastructure plays in providing hardworking people with well-paying jobs. Smooth roads, safe bridges, and stable internet are central to building and maintaining a strong economy across Louisiana.



As a U.S. Senator, my advocacy for education will follow a clear logic: make it high-quality, make it consistent, and make sure everyone has access to it.



As a working mother, I know firsthand that we can’t wait to address the plight of women. As a U.S. Senator, I will fight for legislation that focuses on women’s equality, and increases the value we place on women’s lives.



as a U.S. Senator, I will push for policy that aligns with a simple, commonsense idea: by embracing modern energy policy, we can modernize Louisiana’s energy grid to make it more stable, efficient, sustainable, competitive, and cost-effective for everyone.



I believe that in order to put Louisiana first, we must put democracy first. To do so, we need to ensure that collaboration guides our democracy both in the United States and across the world. I’ll fight to ensure that all communities have a voice at the table.


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